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Eat your own energy

Born Platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Subsistence Energético

The Subsistence Energy: essential key to saving.

An important group of agents and social sectors have come together in order to launch this new platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Energy with Balance Net Subsistence.

Net balance consumption with a new form of supply is no cost to the electrical system.
Among the first actions of the Platform include the formation of a technical working group to collaborate with government in developing the Royal Decree of Net Balance, and implementation of information and dissemination activities.

Madrid, 19th January 2012
The major players in the renewable energy sectors and the installation in Spain, a total of 7 associations (AEE AEE, AEF, Photovoltaic Industry Association; AIFOC, Association of photovoltaic installations on deck; ANPER, Association of Producers and Investors Renewable Energies, APPA, Association of Producers of Renewable Energies, ASIF, Photovoltaic Industry Association, and FENIE, National Federation of Employers of Electrical and Telecommunications of Spain) that bring together professional groups of the two areas, with the support and collaboration with relevant organizations, institutions of the Institute for diversification and Saving (IDEA), the organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), Greenpeace, WWF, SEO / BirdLife, the Foundation Renewable CENER Ciemat or constitute the platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Energy Subsistence, presented on Thursday 19 January at a press conference IDEA’s headquarters in Madrid.

Under the slogan “Eat your own energy,” the Platform was created with the intention of joining voices and efforts to uphold a regulation that contribute to the further implementation for distributed generation and energy consumption with Net Balance.

Among the advantages of Subsistence with Balance Net notes:

– No cost for the system is electric.
– The consumer obtains financial savings and energy for life with a small investment.
– Increased energy efficiency of the system thanks to distributed generation, which allows energy savings of at least 10%, to avoid transport losses because energy is produced near the consumption points.
– Reduce consumption of fossil fuels and energy dependency of Spain abroad.
– Reduce energy imports, resulting in a lower deficit and improving the balance of payments.
– Reactive national economic and industrial activity and increases the competitiveness of enterprises. This implies a strong business network and generation of stable and quality employment.
– Facilitates achieve the environmental objectives of the country to combat climate change.
– Allows savings through avoided CO2 emissions.
– Allows channel private savings into local investment and next that will benefit the entire society.

To achieve this, the Platform presents an Action Plan in which the primary objectives are to achieve the adoption of a regulation that allows net balance consumption with consolidation as a reality in our country, the awareness campaigns for promoting consumption with Net Balance, or the promotion of distributed generation and small power facilities.

In this regard, the Platform shows support for Net Balance system which is currently pending with the improvements that have been passed from face to allow the grouping of counters, minimize tolls, not to limit the power to 100kW, the possibility of compensate for the energy in a period other than that in which it was generated, and so on.

The Platform aims to make “use your own energy” as easy for the consumer as an appliance or equipment used to produce energy instead of consuming it.

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