Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

Are you worried about your electric bill?

Still do not know the daily consumption of your facility?

Do you have penalties in respect of reactive power?

Does your contract power is correct?

Do you know the energy consumption during off hours?

What is it?

The reduction of electric power and energy demand on the network without affecting normal activities carried out in a dwelling, building, manufacturing or processing.

Why is it necessary?

Because the reduction of apparent power (kV · A) and reactive power (kW · h, kvar · h) demanded on the network allows us to:

  1. Reducing our “carbon footprint”, which, cut CO2 emissions from your home or business, promotes sustainable development and environmental stewardship.
  2. Improve the technical management of the facilities to increase their performance (decrease in energy demand) and avoiding breakdowns and process stops. (Leakage control and elimination of disturbances).
  3. Reduce energy costs of our home or business, ie reducing the economic cost monthly.
How to do it?
  1. Monitoring their consumption: know your electricity and gas consumption, daily and monthly real-time. (web service)
  2. Receive an e-mail to any installation anomaly.
  3. Advising on the fare best suited to their habits of consumption.Advising you on the fare best suited to your habits of consumption.
  4. Rationalizing your spending power. Disconnecting the less important equipments in case to overcome the contracted power and thus preventing the firing of the ICP.
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