Devireg™ 550

Devireg™ 550

The Devireg™ 550 is a thermostat in a class of its own.
Devireg™ 550 is an intelligent, learning thermostat. It finds out for itself at what time to turn on the heat to have the right temperature at the right time.

Set the program to reach 22°C at 7am, and the Devireg™ 550 will make sure the temperature is reached at that time. Furthermore the Devireg™ 550 is a 16 Amp thermostat which makes is suitable for also larger rooms.

The Devireg™ is the perfect choice for total heating and with the thermostats interconnected they can easily be programmed.

Technical data
Operation voltage 230 VAC +10%/-20%, 50 Hz
Power consumption Max. 3 W
• Resisitive load 250V ~ 16 A
• Inductive load 1A (power factor 0,3)
Sensing unit NTC; 15kohm / 25° C
Temperature range 5° C to 35° C or OFF
Floor temperature reange 20° to 50° C
Batery back up: minimum 100 hours
IP Class IP 30
Economy set-back 0° to 15° C
Off-set -5.5° to +5.5° C

• Manual or timer. With the timer on you can have a week
program running making sure that the temperature is always as you would like it.
• Frost protection: The Devireg™ 550 will not allow the temperature to go below 5°C at any time.
• Protection of wooden floors: with the use of the floor sensor you can make sure that the correct
temperature for a wooden floor is never exceeded.

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