In 1987, when INEL began its activities, the company focused on providing a comprehensive service in the field of electrical-electronic installations. This dedication to service has led us to become a highly skilled team with great technical experience and support. We also have facilities as well as advanced technology in order to offer our customers a service that meets their needs and requirements to provide solutions for each project.

Implementation of projects, installations and maintenance

We carry out projects, installations and maintenance in the areas of: electrical installations, lighting, automation, pools and spa facilities, Heating and Air Conditioning, Production Control, Time and Attendance, Access Control, CCTV, Industrial Automation, Fire Detection, Technical Inspections, Telecommunications and solar energy for industry, trade and local health office buildings, hotels and apartments, …

Both public and private or individuals.

Quality and innovation

Applying a detailed analysis of each project, integrating our resources with the best electric-electronic market, our products result in a quality solution that meets the highest standards for each client.


We devote every effort in training both technical and occupational staff in safety to optimize our policy to improve cutting edge products and services, whilst also continuing our plan for sustainability.

Quality policy and environmental management

INEL, SL, has considered the quality of its activities and respect for the environment in their activities as strategic and fundamental factors in maintaining high standards in the provision of their services.

Our fundamental purpose is to achieve full satisfaction for our customers, meeting their expectations, service after service for the lowest cost and the least possible environmental impact.

This business strategy will allow us to increase our daily market position and differentiate us from other competitors.

It is our management philosophy that will lead us to increase our prestige in the field of electrical installations. To achieve this, we base our strategy on:

  • Carry out electrical installations efficiently, tailored to the needs of our customers, using the most environmentally-friendly technologies and the most economically viable.
  • A quality management and environment system based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 ensures an excellent service, day after day, and constantly improves services with respect to the environment.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations on environmental issues and committed to meeting other requirements acquired voluntarily.
  • Setting targets for continuous improvement of the quality of our services and environmental performance consistent with nature and environmental impacts caused by our activities and to this policy, which will be reviewed annually by management.
  • The prevention and reduction of environmental impacts of our activities, such as waste production as an integral part of our daily work, by optimizing the use of natural resources (raw materials, electricity, etc.).
  • Promoting training and awareness to educate and empower all personnel in quality, and customer satisfaction and environmental protection.
  • This policy serves as the basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and environmental management, as a starting point towards continuous improvement.

INEL, S.L. ensures that this policy is understood at all levels of the organization by explaining through staff meetings and disclosure. And also through its distribution and publishing, actively taking part in it and getting involved and committed to implementing it. It will also be available to anyone who shows interest in their postings on the website of the company.

The management is committed to ensuring its implementation and to review it annually. Reviewed the management system, currently in force is also adapted to the nature of the activities and their environmental impacts as well as the overall strategy of the organization.



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Work with us

Services and Applications INEL, S.L. has a highly skilled workforce and technical training, basing its corporate culture on teamwork, loyalty, integrity and high standards. Services and Applications INEL, S.L. offers its employees a dynamic environment where the dynamics, ideas and positive attitude are valued, opting for internal promotion. We believe in the stability of employment and training.

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