We undertake to improve energy management (lighting, reactive …), provide connectivity services (wi-fi and telephone), marketing (digital signage) and to review businesses in order to ensure the regulation of electric installations (LPC) and fire detection systems. This is what we bring to all our customers.


Electrical Installations

Performing electrical installations in medium and low voltage, processing centers, office buildings, hotels and residential resorts, as well as shops and homes. We also assemble switchboards protections, distribution and industrial.

Home Automation

Currently we are developing different gateways to integrate control systems from different manufacturers. The automation of both buildings, residential and commercial allows control energy efficiency which is easy and effective.

Heating and air conditioning

Making heating installations, heat emitters, ground high performance industrial, domestic electrical heating, air conditioning, air curtains and enthalpic systems.

Production Control

Making data capture systems in real-time plant production machines, e.g. units produced, speed. Integration of RFID technology for the control and traceability of products in the production plant.

Access Control

Integration of identification systems attendance control, autonomous and wired control systems access, including the necessary accessories for these operations like barriers, turnstiles.

Industrial Automation

We have a technical department specializing in control systems and industrial automation, distributing products from Lenze, Omron, B&R and others. Projects of control and speed control, Robotics, Artificial Vision and programming and repair of frequency inverters.

Technical inspection

Specializing in reviews and maintenance LPC (public places) REMAT (Transformer centers) thermographic inspections and energy audits team.

Energy services – ESE

Efficiency and energy saving through audits, projects, facilities, exploitation, operation and maintenance.


Installation and implementation of lighting projects for both homes and for industry and commerce, interior and exterior decorative lighting, where the energy efficiency together with the decorative elements are key factors in such projects.

Pools and equipment S.P.A.

Making full control projects in such installations as well as counter, LED lighting, RGB, waterfalls, air loungers, fountains, water massage systems-air, River effects, bubbles, IVS, Chromoteraphy.

Audiovisual systems

Projection, control and image management, interactive digital signage, video wall, digital signage, professional audio and public address system.

Presence control

We have our own product, developed by INEL for presence control (control of working hours) and timing control projects. The presence control can identify the user by magnetic stripe cards, proximity or biometrics.

Closed circuit TV

Extensive experience in projects and facilities of CCTV, both wired, wireless or IP. Together with IP video recording systems with remote viewing of images via web or GSM among others.

Fire detection

Possession of the necessary installation and maintenance of fire detection systems, both analog, conventional or CO central certifications.


Within the telecommunications field we cover communication systems, voice, IP data, Wifi, Wimax, structured cabling, wireless networks, installation and connection of optical fiber, single-mode and multimode, audits and certification of networks, ZigBee and RFID systems.

Renewable Energy

Experience in carrying out solar projects. INEL has created installations on roofs, solar orchards and isolated. In solar heating systems, hot water, installations for both single-family homes, apartment buildings and industry.

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