We carry out projects, installations and maintenance in the following areas:

Electrical Installations, Lighting, Automation, Equipment Pools and SPA, Heating and Air Conditioning, Audiovisual Systems, Telecommunications, Closed Circuit Television, Fire Detection, Presence Control, Access Control, Industrial Automation, Production Control, Technical Inspections and renewable energy.

Since 1987 we offer comprehensive services in the field of installations and energy efficiency, for which we have a team of experts with excellent technical experience.

In INEL we carry out customized audits, projects, installations, exploitation, maintenance, control, measurement and verification for efficiency and energy saving.

We have a long experience in carrying out solar projects, with more than 400 installations and over 17MWp. We believe in the feasibility of a sustainable energy model.



We have specialized control systems and an industrial automation technical department.


We reach every home through home automation, air-conditioning and heating installation.


INEL provide tailor made solutions for small and medium sized businesses.


We have a presence in many public buildings such as the UN building in Spain.


We have made all kinds of installations to for large and small investors.

Our partners

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